Strip Show Females - perfect for your private party

Holding a party is always lots of fun. And if it is something special like a guys birthday or bucks night before getting married, it can be worth investing in some "extra entertainment".

This entertainment may include

  • Female strip show performers
  • Topless barmaids and waitresses
  • Lingerie or bikini waitresses
  • Lesbian double acts
  • Fatagrams

What will choose depends on how risque you want things to get, and what your budget is. If you have a large group of guys then you might decide to hire a female strippers and also get a couple of topless barmaids to serve drinks at your function. If you're at home, look at buying slabs too and factoring everything into the price.

Chase Strippers is the top Australian agency used by dozens of people each week. They have lots of girls to choose from in all the above areas of entertainment. If you hold your event at a private residence that's fine, but if you are looking for a venue to have the party, they can help you with that too. As well as food and beverage packages.

Shamrock Entertainment should be your choice in America for hiring strippers. Based in Boston, their ladies have plenty of experience in dancing and a big selection of hot beauties. Great for a Bachelor Party, Farewell or even office functions.

Make sure you plan well in advance and ensure your party is one everybody will be talking about for years to cum!

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